Service Contracts

Updating for smooth operations

Your hotel or corporate space’s AV system was a big investment.  You need a reliable way to make sure that it works properly, and stays updated. We’re focused on hospitality. We provide service to address the potential wear-and-tear on systems and their components. We’ll optimize and provide maintenance to keep them running smoothly for any environment. Mode:Green doesn’t represent a single manufacturer, so we’re able to serve the best interests of the hotel when choosing and updating devices and recommending best-of-breed solutions.

We do it all under an affordable service and maintenance contract that gives you peace of mind that everything is operating efficiently.

Maintenance: Legacy and New Systems

For new systems, we work with clients to conceptualize and realize an automation or AV integration, and it needs attention after completion to keep the system running perfectly, and relevant by keeping it updated. We provide service contracts for our installations because we understand each layer of the system, and how to improve it for better efficiency or experience, and how to maintain it so it lasts.

We also provide service for existing systems, for virtually any type or large venue system, including devices and equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Audiovisual, communications, security

We can maintain the automation, audiovisual, communication, and security systems board and conference rooms, restaurants, and other entertainment venues so they function properly when you need them to.


For our projects, we select the equipment and manufacturers best-suited for each installation. When it comes to maintenance, we are well-versed in major systems to service the hardware and programming components of Control4 and Crestron, and the audio, video, HVAC, entertainment and other pieces connected to it.


We design each automation system for ease-of-use for both management, and the hotel guests. But sometimes, we find ways to improve it after the room is put into use. After installation, we work with hotels based on their feedback to tweak the system’s programming for optimal use. At the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa, we worked with the hotel staff to optimize the lighting levels in the rooms based on feedback from the interior designers after the rooms were complete.


Other than having our team on-deck to service anything in the system, we provide training to staff to make small fixes for less wait time. For example, when a handheld remote control stops working in a guestroom, we can train hotel staff to replace it quickly without our intervention, so the room can be ready for its next guest.