Simple Solutions Designed Specifically for Each Project

Mode:Green starts at the beginning of the design process to create the experience that you’re looking for, whether for hospitality or commercial projects. We specialize in system design including room automation, lighting design and control, audiovisual systems, energy management, and collaboration.

Services We Provide

Hospitality Solutions

Customize your guests’ stay with automated lighting, entertainment, security, shading and even room privacy status. For hotels, this creates operational efficiency, with control of everything from one device.

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Technology Integration

Our team of experts installs each piece of technology in your system, from large venue projectors all the way down to the thermostats. We prepare the pieces off-site for a smoother installation, and troubleshoot anything that comes up along the way.

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System Design, Build & Consulting

We work with you to determine your needs to solve operational challenges. Our design and implementation will make it reality.

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Mode:Green specializes in technology for improved energy efficiency by coordinating guestroom controls, and providing a back-end system for management and an improvement process.

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Sustainability Tech

We’re focused on hospitality, with roots and expertise in sustainability technology.
Mode:Green can elevate your green efforts in a new build or a retrofit installation.

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Custom LED Lighting

We created our own Custom LED Light Bulbs to provide the best energy efficiency, warranty, color temperature, and dimming for our hotel, office, venue, and other installations.

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