Hospitality Solutions

Elevating the Hotel Experience for the Guest and Management

Regardless of how complicated systems may become on the backend, a system that isn’t easy to use at the first touch hasn’t been designed correctly. Through experience, Mode:Green finds that a learning curve beyond even 15 seconds can lose the guest’s attention, and isn’t a viable guestroom solution.

A properly-designed system offers guests simple control of lighting and HVAC while, more importantly, providing access to hotel amenities at their fingertips, in-turn driving immediate and increased revenue to the bottom line. Mode:Green designs and creates these systems on a daily basis to improve hotel technology, enhance the guest experience, and optimize staff efficiency.

Guestroom Control

Smart devices throughout the room provide a better experience. Give guests control of their lighting, climate control, entertainment, shading, and privacy systems. Staff can remotely manage it when the guest is out.

And, we can enable voice control in the rooms for guests to control the system with simple commands, with our partners at Volara.

Digital Signage

Keep guests up-to-date with your events, services, and local news through digital signage, which is all controlled through a master system.


Implementation of quality and control audio/video solutions in guestrooms, and in common areas on a large scale such as bars, restaurants, meeting rooms, and ballrooms.

Lighting Control

Create the perfect ambiance for an event, or help guests recover from jet lag with lighting systems and controllable scenes – easily customize the color, brightness and more.

Security and Access Control

Integration of premier security systems that are easy to operate and comply with the latest standards, providing the most secure and fail-safe experience for guests and staff.


Reliable networks ensuring confidence that staff and guests have fast, consistent, and secure internet connections anywhere in the hotel.

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