St. Regis New York

Next Generation Technology for a Timeless Flagship

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Case Study

The Challenge

The St. Regis New York, originally built in 1904 by John Jacob Astor IV, required a renovation that involved integrating modern technology while preserving its historical integrity. The challenge was to incorporate advanced technology into the aging building within a short construction schedule, necessitating meticulous coordination, flawless execution, and collaboration among all project teams to address inevitable challenges.

The Solution

To meet these challenges, Mode:Green adopted a strategic approach. They staged a significant portion of the project off-site and conducted system programming in advance to streamline the integration process during the final stages of construction. Despite delays typical of construction projects, Mode ensured that the original opening date remained unchanged by employing effective on-site project management and adhering to a pre-staging strategy.

Mode:Green’s expertise in technology deployment enabled them to successfully integrate complex systems into the historic structure on schedule and within budget. Their proactive approach minimized complications, ensuring a seamless and efficient renovation that met the high standards expected for a flagship hotel like The St. Regis New York.

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