At 10 Years Old, Technology Becomes the St. Regis Atlanta’s Future

A smart building system was designed to complement the hotel’s top spot in the market — in time for its anniversary and the Super Bowl event that fully booked the rooms.

Services Provided

Case Study

The Challenge

The St. Regis Atlanta, renowned for its luxury status, faced the challenge of modernizing its guest experience and infrastructure in time for its 10th anniversary and hosting Super Bowl LIII. With an outdated technology system that hindered efficiency and guest satisfaction, the hotel needed a comprehensive upgrade that could enhance guest comfort, streamline operations, and support future growth in the competitive luxury market.

The Solution

To meet the demanding timeline and high standards expected, the St. Regis Atlanta partnered with premier hospitality integration firm Mode:Green. Mode:Green brought extensive experience in integrating sophisticated technology solutions into luxury hotels, having successfully implemented projects in renowned properties like the Baccarat in New York and various 1 Hotel locations.

Mode:Green began by collaborating closely with the St. Regis development team and architects to design and implement a cutting-edge smart building system. This included a detailed planning phase where Mode:Green facilitated seven plan revisions to align technology integration with the hotel’s aesthetic and operational requirements.

For the St. Regis Atlanta’s guest rooms, Mode:Green selected and integrated best-of-breed devices, including a hybrid Control4 and Axxess Networks dimming system. They created model rooms to test different technology options, ensuring seamless integration with the hotel’s design elements such as lighting, drapery, and temperature controls.

The implemented system allows guests to control their room environment via an intuitive interface on bedside iPads, enabling functions like adjusting lighting, drapes, and temperature presets (e.g., sleep mode) for optimal comfort. This automation not only enhances guest experience but also contributes to energy efficiency by automatically adjusting settings based on room occupancy.

To support operational efficiency, Mode:Green integrated a cloud-based system called HotDash, which provides real-time insights into energy usage and room status. This allows hotel staff to manage resources effectively and respond promptly to guest needs, enhancing overall service delivery.

Despite the tight timeline, Mode:Green ensured the St. Regis Atlanta’s renovation was completed on schedule, ready to welcome guests with a sophisticated, technology-enhanced experience. This successful project not only elevated the hotel’s luxury appeal but also positioned it to adapt and evolve with future technological advancements, maintaining its competitive edge in the luxury hospitality market.

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