Four Seasons Hotel Chicago

An intelligent energy management system retrofit that is saving the hotel over $100,000 a year in energy costs.

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Case Study

The Challenge

The Four Seasons, Chicago spent more than $1 million a year on energy costs — $600,000 on heating and cooling. We were asked to monitor energy usage for three weeks and provide a solution to lower these costs.

The Solution

We started by installing new thermostats and controllers in ten rooms to track the HVAC throughout the day. These systems activated the HVAC system and set the temperature when guests checked in. The also lowered the room temperatures when guests checked out.

When the Mode:Green system was running in these 10 rooms, we allowed the HVAC systems to run for 2.7 fewer hours per day – resulting in a savings that would pay for a completely automated Mode:Green system in just three years.

When deployed, our systems offer substantial data for tracking energy usage and provide a real-time dashboard of current room status. This allows hotel staff to proactively optimize the system for energy savings.

The Mode:Green infrastructure can be quickly and easily expanded to reduce costs and enhance the guest experience. This could include additional HVAC, lighting, gas, water, and entertainment systems.

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