1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park

Automated guestrooms provide a unique experience while saving energy.

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Case Study

The Challenge

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park aimed to integrate advanced technology seamlessly into its eco-conscious design to enhance guest comfort, operational efficiency, and sustainability. However, adapting rapidly evolving technology while maintaining the hotel’s high standards for environmental responsibility posed significant challenges.

The Solution

To address these challenges, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park partnered with Mode:Green, a leading hospitality integration firm with a track record of implementing sustainable technology solutions. Mode:Green’s expertise enabled the hotel to integrate cutting-edge automation, audiovisual systems, and energy management solutions throughout its guestrooms and public spaces.

Mode:Green selected Control4’s Hospitality Solution for its user-friendly interface and robust backend system, essential for managing and optimizing energy usage across the hotel. This choice not only aligned with the hotel’s commitment to sustainability but also resulted in substantial cost savings compared to originally specified systems.

Throughout the design and construction process, Mode:Green coordinated closely with the hotel’s design, architecture, and construction teams. They managed the complex installation of lighting and climate control systems, ensuring that every detail—from device selection to programming—aligned with the hotel’s vision for a luxurious yet environmentally friendly guest experience.

Key features included automated lighting scenes and climate control that enhanced guest comfort while reducing energy consumption. For instance, guests could control room ambiance with pre-set scenes like “Good Night” and utilize automated features such as electronic “Do Not Disturb” indicators. Behind the scenes, Mode:Green integrated a sophisticated energy management system that provided real-time data on energy usage, enabling the hotel to track and optimize efficiency over time.

Mode:Green’s comprehensive approach extended beyond installation, encompassing thorough testing and ongoing support to ensure all systems functioned flawlessly before the hotel’s opening. This commitment to excellence and sustainability positioned 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park as a leader in combining luxury hospitality with cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship.

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